I’m a brown belt under Phil and Ricardo Migliarese in Philadelphia, PA.  Originally I was exposed to BJJ by my husband, Josh Vogel  who is a first degree Black Belt at Balance Studios and also author of the Sloth Report,  BJJ newsletter. It’s amazing to be able to train with him and enjoy living a Jiu Jitsu lifestyle. I also train Muay Thai under Andy Russell with my Penguin  Yin.  (For more info on where I train: Balance Studios)

I’ve been a professional chef in some form or another for almost 20 years.  I graduated from culinary school back in 1999, and have been cooking ever since. Most of my professional career has been spent baking, but I enjoy the savory side as well.

I’ve had a lifetime of struggles with weight, from a chubby kid, to a chunk teen, and a down right fat adult. I’ve had success with many diets, and failed at just as many.  Fundamentally what I am learning is that there is no shortcut to weight loss and most importantly weight maintainence. 

Of course I have goals and like everyone I am trying to keep as lean as possible, but eating lettuce alone is not an option for me.  I know it can be super challenging to come up with exciting recipes that are simple and delicious but still lead us towards our goals, so my aim with this blog is to offer up some recipes, some tips on what works for me with my weight loss goals, and a few ideas about training as well!

I hope you enjoy and feedback is always welcome.

Special thanks go to Mikhail Oza, ashi garami specialist and now official blog namer.