Low Fat Cheese Sauce

I don’t really have much witty commentary here, since I am nearing the end of my cut and am cranky lol. Here’s a recipe for cheese sauce that’s lower calorie and lower fat.  I used it kist recently for mac and cheese with salmon but you can put your own spin on it!





1 1/4 C Fat free Milk

1 C chicken stock

3 Tbl all purpose flour (I used white whole wheat flour)

1 1/3 C 2% skim milk cheddar cheese (get it at wegmans!)

salt and pepper to taste



  • whisk 3 Tbl of flour together with 1/4 C of FF milk in a sauce pan, and slowly heat until a thick roux forms
  • add remaining milk, and chicken stock and whisk over low heat until mixture is smooth and starts to thicken (congrats you’ve just made béchamel, aren’t you fancy!)
  • stir in cheese (You could also use fat free cheese here), and stir until molted and smooth
  • at this point you may choose to use a hand or sticker immersion blender to really help smooth things out, fat free cheeses tend to be a bit grainy in general so this may be helpful although unneccesary
  • season to your taste with salt and pepper, and serve however you like!
  • For a slight variation, use mozzarella cheese and parmesan and add fresh or powdered garlic for a really good alfredo sauce!



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